JAPAN UNIQUE GIFTS offers select handcrafted gifts from Japan
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                                                          →Hemp-leaf Weave Bag
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                                                          →Random Weave Handbag
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                                                          →Wickerwork Weave Bag (small)
                                                          →Wickerwork Weave Bag (medium)
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                                                          →Random Weave Bag: "Waves"
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                                                          →Lovey-Dovey Umbrella
                                                          →Cherry Tree

                                                          →Flying Saucer


                                                          →Tortoise and Hare

                                                          →Watermelon and Cucumber

                                                          →Super Spinner

                                                     →Kimono Fabrics

                                                          →Pine/Bamboo/Plum/Chrysanthemum Fabric
                                                             (double-sided complementary patterns)

                                                          →Houses and Clouds
                                                             (double-sided complementary patterns)

                                                          →Chrysanthemums and Clouds
                                                             (double-sided identical patterns)

                                                          →Pine Needles
                                                             (double-sided identical patterns)

                                                     →Edo kites


                                                          →Leaping Lion

                                                          →Battling Samurai

                                                          →Flaming Dragon

                                                          →Rising Sun

                                                          →Dragon and Tiger



                                                     →Edo Tote Bags

                                                          →Edo Tote Pouch: "Chrysanthemum"

                                                          →Edo Tote Pouch: "Leaping Rabbits"

                                                          →Edo Tote Sack: "Good Luck"

                                                          →Edo Tote Sack: "Ax, Zither & Chrysanthemum"

                                                          →Edo Tote Sack: "Circle-A"

                                                          →Edo Tote Sack: "Pipes"

                                                          →Edo Tote Sack: "Bell"

                                                     →Edo Broom

                                                          →Edo Broom

                                                          →Whisk Broom and Dustpan (small)

                                                          →Corner Broom