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Discover the secrets behind the Japanese Karakuri Puzzle Boxes!

Trick Puzzle Cubes

Solving the Karakuri Puzzles are fun but wouldn't you want to discover how these mechanisms work? The best way naturally is to look inside these secret boxes! Sure, you don't want to break open the boxes, so we have some of the basic puzzle boxes here for you to assemble them by yourself. Sounds interesting?

Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit is perfect for finding out the mechanism and at the same time to enjoy the creative process of assembling them. The series includes a collection of simplified versions of our main line products and may look familiar to you.

The Kit comes with a step-by-step illustrated instruction sheet in English, and assembling is easy with the precut plywood pieces and some other materials. Some masking tape and glue are all you need, but you could be more creative and personalize the Box by painting with any color or graphics of your choice!

The creative experience of using hands to make your own Puzzle Box is fun and enjoyable for both children and adults.

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