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What is Fluorine-Carbon Comb, and why is it good for your hair?

Fluorine-Carbon Combs originated from our own Fluorine Combs® are made from a mixture of high-grade fluorine and polyetherimide plastic. This mixture is enough to make our Fluorine Combs® to be low friction and minimal static, enabling them to flow smoothly through your hair and prevents split ends, hair loss and cuticle damage. In addition to those features, we wanted the combs to eliminate any statics, and as the name Fluorine-Carbon Comb suggests, we went on to mix carbon to the above mixture. The mixture itself is innovative and technically challenging, and probably Fan Out is the only manufacturer in the world to be able to accomplish.

The secret of smooth combing

You may not have heard of Fluorine Combs® before and wondering why they are low friction. The simple explanation is to think of fluorine's effect as that of a non-stick frying pans. Because some fluorines are used to create that non-sticking surface where less oil is needed to cook and easy to clean after cooking.

Another secret of smoothness and toughness

Ever experienced difficulty combing the hair with those statics? Worry no more with our non-static carbon combs!
What's more, the difference with some of the other carbon combs is the use of carbon. Our Fluorine-Carbon Combs' carbon is mixed with fluorine and plastics while others are just coated onto the combs. Naturally, the carbon effect may fade away with time and use. If you look closely, you may notice a pattern in the combs, that is exactly the result of mixing carbon with other materials.

Our combs are chemical resistant and heat resistant up to 210°C (410°F), making them withstand dyeing treatments and thermal styling without the worry of fading carbon effect or damage to the combs.

We conducted an experiment to show you how our professional quality Fluorine Comb® has an effect on your hair compared with the ordinary comb. The result was amazing as you could see from the following experiment photos.

Pity we can't let you try them, but we are confident that you will see the difference once you start combing your hair with our Fluorine-Carbon Combs! We are proud to introduce the ultimate beauty care tools for professionals and your everyday use. Choose from five types of comb styles to meet your particular hairdo needs.

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