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How a little trick in your pocket surprises and entertains your friend.

Small Trick Boxes

A simple wooden box is the answer to a little trick that you can carry around. Our collection of Small Trick Box Sets is one of the series from our wooden Japanese Karakuri (trick) Puzzle Boxes. As the name suggests, the wooden boxes in this series are tiny, small enough that you can slip it in your purse or in your jacket's pocket. It's convenient to carry it around to impress your friends at the parties or where ever you choose. But do not be fooled by this small size! The trickiness level of these small boxes is quite astonishing and mind-blowing experience!

At a glance, the boxes in this series may look identical, but the mechanism of the tricks are completely different from each other. The fun part is to change your mindset to tackle each box, and to fully enjoy them is not to look at the solution sheet (provided with the product).

Small Trick Boxes are handmade by craftsmen using high-quality natural wood and crafted meticulously in Japanese traditional techniques in the mountainous region of Hakone, approximately two hours from Tokyo.

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Karakuri Small Box set A
Karakuri Small Box set B
Karakuri Small Box set C

Karakuri Small Box set C[m0016_kara-03]

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Karakuri Small Box set D

Karakuri Small Box set D[m0016_kara-04]

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Karakuri Small Box set E
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