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What would you want to keep in this secret compartment?

New Secret Boxes

New Secret Boxes is one of the series from our wooden Japanese Karakuri (trick) Puzzle Boxes which are designed and crafted in the mountainous region of Hakone, approximately two hours from Tokyo. The area is known for its abundance of quality wood varieties and wooden craftsmanship from the late Edo Period (1603 - 1868). Among the wooden craftworks that attracted the public attention was known as "Himitsu Bako" or secret box. The boxes were constructed with tricky interlocking wooden elements and needed number of puzzling steps to open the box, making the inner compartment as a secret vault.

The traditional Secret Boxes required only 4 sided plates to be shifted to reveal the secret compartment. The New Secret Boxes designed by Karakuri Creation Group requires shifting all 6 sided plates, making the secret box more tricky and complicated to open.

There are three level of difficulty ratings for this series. No. 1 being the easiest with six moves to open the box, followed by 12 moves for the No.2 box and finally, 18 moves to open the No. 3 box. Sit back and tackle with patience may be the key to opening these secret boxes, enjoy!

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New Secret Box No.1

New Secret Box No.1[m0016_kara-13]

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New Secret Box No. 2

New Secret Box No. 2[m0016_kara-14]

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New Secret Box No.3

New Secret Box No.3[m0016_kara-15]

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