JAPAN UNIQUE GIFTS offers select handcrafted gifts from Japan
Rattan Bags
Handcrafted Products from JAPAN UNIQUE GIFTS
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Wooden Containers and Tableware / Wooden Bucket and Dipper Set
Wooden Containers and Tableware / Wooden Container
Pewter Tumblers: Rippling Wave Pattern
Pewter Lidded Decanter and Sake Cup Set: Diamond Pattern
Pewter Decanter and Sake Cup Set: Rippling Wave Pattern
Brooms /  Whisk Broom & Dustpan (small)
Brooms /  Corner Broom

Brooms / Corner Broom[m0001_hoki-03] 

Brooms /  Edo Broom

Brooms / Edo Broom[m0001_hoki-01] 

JPY22,600 - JPY54,300
Stainless Steel Tweezers

Stainless Steel Tweezers[m0011_fan-01] 

Stainless Steel Foot Scraper
Medium and Wide Tooth Fluorine-Carbon Hair Comb 
Raden Lacquerware Jewelry Box / Persimmon
Raden Lacquerware Jewelry Box / Sal Tree
Raden Lacquerware Mirror / Grape

Raden Lacquerware Mirror / Grape[m0010_garan-08] 

Trick Cube No. 2/Karakuri Cube Box 2


[We are not taking orders]
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Animal Box

Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Animal Box[m0016_kit-008] 

[We are not taking orders]
Japanese Edo Kites /  Yakko

Japanese Edo Kites / Yakko[m0004_kite-01] 

[We are not taking orders]
Japanese Edo Kites  /  Leaping Lion
Tote Bags /  Edo Tote Sack: "Circle-A"
Tote Bags /  Edo Tote Sack: "Pipes"
Tote Bags /  Edo Tote Pouch: "Chrysanthemum"
Bamboo Bags / Random Weave Handbag
Bamboo Bags / Random Weave Bag: "Waves"
Bamboo Bags / Wickerwork Weave Bag (medium)
Karakuri Small Box set D

Karakuri Small Box set D[m0016_kara-04] 

[We are not taking orders]
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Newton Box
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Spin Box
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Ninja Box
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Urashima Box
Our name tells it all. We are here to offer you a selection of unique items all MADE IN JAPAN specially for you. Every item is crafted individually, in limited quantities, and many are difficult to purchase even here in Japan. These aren’t gifts of the kind you might find at a souvenir stand. They are all handcrafted works of art, and some may take up to three months to make – but we guarantee they are always worth the wait!

To add to your pleasure in owning or giving one of our unique products, on this website we present a wealth of information relating to the various items. At times that may include an introduction to the artisan and what he/she seeks in crafting the item; at other times, it may be an explanation of how the item fits into the flow of Japan’s traditional handicrafts, or maybe an episode out of Japanese cultural history.

Please take a browse. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to discover something new and alluring – something you will want for yourself or to give as a gift to someone you care for.