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Here's a real brain teaser to challenge you!

Small Trick Boxes

Japanese Karakuri (trick) Puzzle Boxes are designed and crafted in the mountainous region of Hakone, approximately 1.5 hours from Tokyo. The area continues to be a popular tourist destination dating back to the late Edo Period (1603 - 1868) with beautiful lakes, hot springs and fabulous sceneries, including the glimpse of Mount Fuji.

With an abundance of quality wood varieties, many souvenirs were created using wood and through generations of craftsmanship, they developed into a highly crafted wooden boxes. Among them, that attracted the public attention was known as "Himitsu Bako" or secret box. The boxes were constructed with tricky interlocking wooden elements and needed number of puzzling steps to open the box, making the inner compartment as a secret vault.

The concept of this secret box led to a new form of secret boxes, named as Karakuri Puzzle Box by Akio Kamei, one of the foremost contemporary trick puzzle box designer and craftsman in the world. He is the founder and head of craftsmen at Karakuri Creation Group in Hakone. Their aim is to go beyond the tradition and to create more enjoyable, more tricky and higher quality puzzle boxes. They sure have succeeded and continues to come up with more challenging tricks and puzzles!

Some of the boxes look real simple, and they are so well made and sturdy that you will wonder if the box opens… it will. The challenge is to approach with a fresh perspective and an open mind, or in other words, to open the box, its best to think outside the box! Enjoy the challenge!

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Karakuri Small Box set A
Karakuri Small Box set B
Karakuri Small Box set C

Karakuri Small Box set C[m0016_kara-03]

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Karakuri Small Box set D

Karakuri Small Box set D[m0016_kara-04]

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Karakuri Small Box set E
Acorn Box

Acorn Box[m0016_kara-6]

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PARABOX 2[m0016_kara-7]

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Expansion VI

Expansion VI[m0016_kara-10]

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New Secret Box No.1

New Secret Box No.1[m0016_kara-13]

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New Secret Box No. 2

New Secret Box No. 2[m0016_kara-14]

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New Secret Box No.3

New Secret Box No.3[m0016_kara-15]

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Trick Cube No. 2/Karakuri Cube Box 2
Trick Cube No. 4/Karakuri Cube Box 4
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Newton Box
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Spin Box
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Ninja Box
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Urashima Box
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Piggy Bank
Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Karakuri Cake

Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Karakuri Cake[m0016_kit-006]

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Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Camera

Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Camera[m0016_kit-007]

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Karakuri Self-Assembly Kit: Animal Box
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