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General Description

Raden Lacquerware Jewelry Box / Sal Tree[m0010_garan-02]

Our Selling Price: JPY24,900
[Ready-for-Delivery] Delivery Wt.: 600g

This beautifully decorated lacquered jewelry box is adorned with Sal Tree and Red-billed Blue Magpie (Urocissa erythrorhyncha) motifs using Raden* craft.

Japanese urushi lacquerware has been used in Japan from as early as Jomon Period (145–10 BC) and over the years, various decorative techniques were developed. One of the highly refined craft is Raden which originated in Nara Period (710–794).

*Raden craft calls for a demanding craftsmen to cut the linings of shells, such as from mother-of-pearl, abalone and various other shells with iridescent qualities and delicately set into or pasted to the surface to create decorative designs of birds and flowers or geometric patterns. The process often takes repetitive application of lacquer, grinding, smoothing to bring out the glow and beauty of the shells and making it one of a kind Raden lacquerware.

Our compact size Jewelry Boxes uses this Raden craft to decorate the box with flower and bird compositions using a mixture of techniques to give three-dimensional effects. The beauty of Raden is not only in its design but in its iridescence, it is a joy to see it from many angles to find different colors gleaming. This elegant Raden jewelry box is perfect for placing your earrings or rings after your return home to relax. And of course just to look at, making it ideal for a gift to your friends or for yourself. HAND MADE IN JAPAN


Yoshinori Musashikawa

Musashikawa finds delight in searching beautiful shell for his Raden works.

General Information
Material:Resin coated urethane decorated with Raden of mother-of-pearl and various shells
Size:Approx. 98mm x 98mmx 37mm
Production time:Ready for delivery
Proper Care:● If the box looses its glossiness with finger prints and dusts, wipe it with a soft cloth, never use hard textured cloth or paper. ● Do not apply strong impact as it will damage the Raden and the lacquered finish.
Caution:● Avoid placing on rough textured surfaces which may scratch the box. ● Avoid placing under a direct sun or strong lighting.
Other Photos
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Inside box center part is lined with a cloth. (items inside the box not included)

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