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General Description

Stainless Steel Nail File[m0011_fan-04]

Our Selling Price: JPY4,300
[We are not taking orders] Delivery Wt.: 117g


Nail files perfected for comfort of use and durability

This is the only steel nail file in the world with double-sided filing abrasive pattern that covers its entire surface, making it highly functional and easy to file hard to reach places. Designed by top-notch international manicurist and created by demanding Japanese craftsman to achieve the highest quality nail files.

Engineered from flexible stainless steel with 180 grids to maximize smoothness, durability and comfort of use. Ideal for professional usage due to its excellent grinding performance, and its sterilization possibilities from its washable and rust resistant material. You deserve the best beauty care tools, why not include this nail file to your daily care use.  




Fan Out invests in time and budget for research and development to achieve the best possible product on the market and utilizes Japanese traditional methods and the state-of-the-art technologies to produce their high-end stainless steel beauty tools. 


General Information
Size:length:14.4cm, width:1.3cm
Production time:Ready for delivery
Caution:• Do not use for any other purpose than nail filing. • Do not use on the surface of nails. • Stop using if any changes in nail condition. • Do not over-file the nail. • Sanitize after each use. • When cleansing with water, do not use salted water. • Do not soak in the disinfectant for long time; cleanse off immediately with water or steam. • Do not store together with the rusted items.
Other remarks:Design Patent. / JPN 1410160 / US D662.669S / RCD 001799354-001 / CHN ZL 2011 3 0003823.7
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Double-sided filing abrasive pattern covers its entire surface allowing hard to reach areas to be filed with ease.

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