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General Description

Trick Cube No. 2/Karakuri Cube Box 2[m0016_kara-11]

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Is it easy? It all depends on how you tackle the trick.

Japanese Karakuri Puzzle Boxes: Karakuri Cube Box 2

This is Trick Cube No. 2 of the Trick Puzzle Cube series which is designed to be played in the palm of the hand. There are five moves to open this Karakuri cube, the solution is entirely different from other cubes.

A unique gift to surprise your friends with its high-quality craftsmanship and intricate use of wooden interlocking panels for trick mechanism.HAND MADE IN JAPAN


Karakuri Creation Group, founded by Akio Kamei, is a group of craftsmen specializing in design and crafting of Japanese trick boxes, or Karakuri Puzzle Boxes, known as one of the best wooden puzzle box makers in the world.

General Information
Material:Wendge, Maple, Katsura (or Agathis)
Size:60mm × 60mm × 60mm (wdh)
Proper Care:• Keep the box away from the high humidity and high dryness areas. • To clean the box, wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth and do not use abrasive cleansers. • The box construction and its wooden surface are very delicate and should be handled carefully at all times. • The movement may become stiff or difficult under high humidity or dryness.
Caution:• Never use force or tools to move the parts. • Do not drop or impact the box. • Do not place the box under the direct sunlight or in high-temperature surroundings.

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