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General Description

Fine and Medium Tooth Fluorine-Carbon Hair Comb [m0011_fan-07]

Our Selling Price: JPY4,800
[Ready-for-Delivery] Delivery Wt.: 130g

Are you frustrated combing your hair because of static and tangled hair?

Worry mo more with our professional quality static-free Fluorine-Carbon Combs! The beauty of our Fluorine-Carbon Combs is that it not only eliminates statics but it will prevent split ends, hair loss and cuticle damages, enabling combs to flow smoothly through your hair. The very reason the professional hair stylists around the world chose our Fluorine-Carbon Hair Combs.

Imagine, if you could do away with the battle in the busy morning trying to detangle your hair with the comb. Well, the solution to end the battle and frustration may be simply to change the comb to our Fluorine-Carbon Comb that are made from a mixture of high-grade fluorine, carbon and polyetherimide plastic.

Our Fluorine-Carbon Combs are chemical resistant and heat resistant up to 210°C (410°F). They will withstand dyeing treatments and thermal styling without the worry of fading carbon effect or damage to the combs. The combs are oil and water repellent, durable, strong, yet lightweight and easy to clean and maintain to satisfy your daily usage and for the professional usage alike.

This "Fine and Medium Tooth Fluorine-Carbon Comb" is suitable for long, straight or light curly hair. The fine tooth is effective for giving a comb stroke touches, and also good for use in men's grooming beards. For professionals, this comb is suitable for use as a cutting comb. For non-professionals, the back of the comb could be used for dyeing the roots of the hair.MADE IN JAPAN




Fan Out invests in time and budget for research and development to achieve the best possible product on the market and utilizes Japanese traditional methods and the state-of-the-art technologies to produce their high-end Fluorine Combs® and Fluorine-Carbon Combs for the hair.

General Information
Material:fluorine, carbon and Polyetherimide plastic
Size:Length: 21.7cm、Width: 2.8cm
Production time:Ready for delivery
Recommended usage:• Use medium to wide tooth combs to comb your hair before shampoo to cleanse off dirt. • Combing your hair with our combs will prevent split ends, hair loss and cuticle damages. • Fluorine-Carbon Combs are chemical resistant and heat resistant up to 210°C (410°F).
Other Photos
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Five types of Fluorine-Carbon Combs.
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Stain-like patterns are a sign of carbon mixed with fluorine and polyetherimide plastic.

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