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General Description

Pewter Tumblers: Rippling Wave Pattern[m0008_suzu-05]

Our Selling Price: JPY31,000
[Crafted-on-Demand] Delivery Wt.: 915g

Japan is well-known for its stunningly beautiful lacquerware; in fact, the word "japanware" is a synonym of lacquerware. Around the middle of the 19th century, Japanese artisans began combining the country's traditional skill in lacquerware with the subtle beauty of pewter. Today this exquisite combination is carried on in the phenomenally attractive and refined tumblers offered here: tumblers featuring painted lacquer over a pewter base.

Pewter tumblers are ideal for serving both warm drinks (think "sake") and cold (think "beer"). They are also perfect for serving wine, with the distinctive beauty of the tumbler adding to the pure enjoyment of the wine.

These exquisite tumblers are available in a choice of five colors. They may be ordered individually or as a set mixing the colors of your choice, in which case, place each selection of color in the shopping cart individually. Each tumbler comes packed in its own handcrafted box of paulownia wood (kiri), making it ideal for use as a gift that will surely be treasured. HAND MADE IN JAPAN



Keiichi Nakamura & Takaaki Yoyama
YAQMO's pewter offerings are lovingly handcrafted by Keiichi Nakamura and Takaaki Yoyama. Employing a unique metal composition not used outside Japan, they create pewter wares widely admired for their fusion of sharp modernity and graceful allure in designs that are both beautiful and practical.


Pewter Tableware are "crafted-on-demand" item. Before ordering, please read the Shopping Guide and Terms & Conditions carefully. Placing an order means you agree to all terms as specified. 

General Information
Size:Cup: Height 125mm, Diameter 75mm, Capacity 240cc
Weight:465g (including wooden box)
Production time:● Approx. 1 month
Caution:● Never place empty pewter ware directly on a cooking plate or electric range, as doing so will cause the metal to melt. ● Do not use with hot drinks, as the pewter metal, when heated, may scald the hands or mouth. ● The tumbler should not be placed directly over a flame, as it may cause the lacquer decoration to discolor. When used for serving warm drinks, warm the liquid separately before placing it in the tumbler. ● Never place pewter ware in a microwave or automatic dishwasher. ● Pewter ware may be placed inside a refrigerator, but never in a freezer. ● Avoid storing the tumbler in direct sunlight, as it may cause discoloration.
Cleaning:● After usage, pewter ware should be rinsed in water and wiped dry with a soft cloth. Never use polish, cleansers, metal scrubbing brushes, etc. For more thorough cleaning, cleaning may be performed using toothpaste or water containing baking powder, applied using a soft cloth.
Other Photos
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The inside of the tumbler is pure pewter.
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Pewter and painted lacquer make for an elegant combination.

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