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General Description

Tote Bags / Edo Tote Sack: "Ax, Zither & Chrysanthemum"[m0002_gass-02]

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The three items graphically depicted between the double stripes are, from right to left, an ax, a Japanese zither (koto), and a chrysanthemum. Their respective pronunciations create a pun in Japanese that means "listening to something nice." This versatile cotton sack features indigo on the outside and an attractive striped lining inside. It's ideal for carrying items of all kinds securely. HAND MADE IN JAPAN




The craftsman who devotes his extraordinary talents to passing the stylish flair of yesteryear on to the generation of today is Kinya Takahashi. Find out more about Kinya Takahashi here.



General Information
Size:Width 190mm x Height 285mm
Production time:Ready for delivery
Proper handling:● Because the cloth is not colorfast, it should always be washed separate from other items. Use a mild detergent. ● Do NOT use bleach. ● Do NOT dry in a clothes dryer.
Recommended usage:Place items inside and then tighten the pullstring at both sides.
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The graphic creates a pun in Japanese meaning "listening to something nice."

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