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Brooms / Dustpan[m0001_hoki-04]

Our Selling Price: JPY3,500 - JPY3,900
Delivery Wt.: 580g
Prices vary according to options.
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To provide the strength and water-resistance required, the paper dustpan is coated with a natural paint; to maintain the overall shape and add strength, the top edge is fitted with a durable frame made from bamboo. Two sizes are available: large for cleaning floors, and small for cleaning up kitchen counters. Being made of paper, there is no problem with static electricity. This item is intended for indoor use only. HAND MADE IN JAPAN




Seiichi Takagi lovingly crafts each Edo broom by hand, selecting the finest natural materials and maintaining time-honored weaving techniques. 




General Information
Size:Large: Width 300mm x Depth 270mm. Small: Width 210mm x Depth 200mm
Weight:Large: 80g. Small: 30g
Production time:Ready for delivery
Proper handling:● The dustpan is treated for resistance to water but is NOT 100% water-resistant. To preserve its life, collection of wet items (and especially water) should be avoided.
Other remarks:The dustpan surface is coated with persimmon tannin, a natural paint that provides a basic level of water resistance. Persimmon tannin paint is made by compressing persimmon fruit and allowing the juice to ferment; it can be used as an agent against water infiltration and corrosion.
Other Photos
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Use of paper eliminates the annoyance of static electricity associated with plastic dustpans.
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The dustpan is tapered at the edge for easy collection.

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