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General Description

Porcelain Cups and Teapots / Modern Kutani Porcelain Cup Set[m0014_bito-09]

Our Selling Price: JPY32,600
[We are not taking orders] Delivery Wt.: 2500g

Pop art-like modern Kutani ware cups using four typical colors of red, green, blue, and yellow, in vibrant tones. Natural look of the body and its gentle feel to the hand comes from the hand-building process instead of using the wheels to craft the cup. The patterns are applied by traditional hand-painting techniques, giving each cup a slightly different appear.

If you plan to buy six cups with different patterns, this set is for you since we offer this set at a reduced price. We also offer six cup and teapot set here>. HAND MADE IN JAPAN



Kutani Bitouen atelier was founded in 1914 in Kutani (now part of the city of Kaga) located near Yamashiro Onsen in Ishikawa prefecture. The artisans at Bitouen aim to match their porcelains with the modern lifestyles by applying traditional hand-painting techniques to the contemporary design for everyday use.


General Information
Size:Cup : Diameter 8 cm × Height 8 cm
Weight:Cup : 220g
Production time:Ready for delivery
Proper handling:• The cup is made of porcelain and should be handled carefully at all times.

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