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Wooden Containers and Tableware / Wooden Server Set[m0007_oke-12]

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 In Japan, this exquisitely handcrafted container with matching lid and spatula, all made of the finest-quality sawara cypress wood, is traditionally used to hold rice for making sushi. But if you let your imagination take over, this gorgeous server set can be used in unlimited ways, for holding foods of every variety -- hors d'oeuvres or salad, for example -- or even non-edible items that will seem all the more precious when stored in true Japanese style.

What's especially amazing is the unique way the container unit is constructed. The outer vertical "wall" and inner horizontal "base" are crafted to fit so perfectly together that the container will never leak. Two hoops fabricated from copper provide the necessary strength to keep it all together, while simultaneously adding an eye-catching touch. No nails or glue are used. And the natural wood, gleaned from trees at least three centuries old, is completely free of paint or varnish, making it completely safe to use with all kinds of foods. Sawara cypress is also known for its natural antibacterial property.

With this unique item of Japanese tableware on your table, your guests are sure to comment on its beauty -- and on your fine taste in choosing it. HAND MADE IN JAPAN



Eifu Kawamata is a highly demanding craftsman -- demanding of himself, which is why he singlehandedly performs every step necessary to creating his unique objects blending traditional and contemporary forms, including selection of his wood materials. Find out more about Eifu Kawamata here.


Japanese Wooden Containers and Tableware are "crafted-on-demand" item. Before ordering, please read the Shopping Guide and Terms & Conditions carefully. Placing an order means you agree to all terms as specified.

General Information
Material:Container: Domestic sawara cypress wood / Hoops: Copper / Spatula: Domestic hinoki cypress wood
Size:Container: Large: 330mm W x 133mm H (inside depth: 75mm) / Small: 300mm W x 123mm H (inside depth: 70mm) / Spatula: 210mm L x 63mm W
Weight:Container: Large: 1150g / Small: 1050g / Spatula: 20g
Production time:● Approx. 2 months as of February 2022
Proper handling:● To clean the container and lid, wash gently in cold or warm water. Do not use hot water or detergent, and avoid use of a dishwasher. ● Do not allow the container to stand in water for a long time. ● To dry, allow the container and lid to stand in a well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight, for more than 24 hours. Drying in direct sunlight may cause warping of the wood.
Recommended usage:● Do not use in a microwave oven. ● To reduce stains to clinger, rinse in cold or warm water and then drain off before every usage. ● When using the container to hold oily foods, etc., first apply a thin coating of olive oil to the inner surfaces. The wood will become slightly darker in color. ● If the wood's fragrance seems strong, wash the container and lid once in a mixture of water and vinegar (in equal proportions).
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This matching wooden spatula, of eye-catching beauty, is ideal for serving rice.
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Although designed as a traditional server for sushi, this attractive wooden container also adds an exquisite accent for serving hors d'oeuvres, salads, or anything the innovative host(ess) conjures up.
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The container, lid and spatula are handcrafted from domestic sawara cypress wood at least 300 years old. The wood has a natural antibacterial property.

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