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General Description

Spinning Tops / Balancing Yajirobe on Mt. Fuji[m0005_koma-13]

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Yajirobe is a Japanese term for a balance toy. The fun part of our Yajirobe and the difference with the ordinary balance toy is that it balances the spinning tops on each side of the stick, and the character rotates on top of the Red Mt. Fuji while the tops spins.
The character is Tono-sama, or a Lord, drinking sake and expressing his joy with his fan raised high, but if he seems little too drunk and doesn't want to move,  help him by pushing a little! HAND MADE IN JAPAN



The ingeniously talented craftsman who creates this traditional spinning top -- without any help from a blueprint -- is Masaaki Hiroi. Find out more about Masaaki Hiroi here.

We regret to inform you of the passing of Masaaki Hiroi.



Edo Spinning Tops are "crafted-on-demand" item. Before ordering, please read the Shopping Guide and Terms & Conditions carefully. Placing an order means you agree to all terms as specified. 

General Information
Size:Height 210mm. Width260mm
Production time:●Maximum 3 months
Proper handling:● The dyes are not colorfast, so colors may fade if brought into contact with water. ● The top is very delicate and should be handled carefully at all times.
How to use:1. Place the top on a flat surface with the character on top of the Mt. Fuji. 2. Fit both red and green tops into the stick of the lanterns. 3. Hold the lantern and spin each top consecutively and let go. 4. The character will start rotating slowly, if not, give it a little push.

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