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General Description

Spinning Tops / Tortoise and Hare[m0005_koma-07]

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With this amusing top, history just might be rewritten! When you spin the top, the slowpoke tortoise begins overtaking the fleet-footed hare. But the race isn't over. Before long, the hare takes back his lead. And be sure to look closely the moment that happens! This is a top to be enjoyed by fable lovers of all ages. HAND MADE IN JAPAN




The ingeniously talented craftsman who creates this traditional spinning top -- without any help from a blueprint -- is Masaaki Hiroi. Find out more about Masaaki Hiroi here.

We regret to inform you of the passing of Masaaki Hiroi.



Edo Spinning Tops are "crafted-on-demand" item. Before ordering, please read the Shopping Guide and Terms & Conditions carefully. Placing an order means you agree to all terms as specified. 

General Information
Size:Width 125mm x Height 95mm
Production time:●Maximum 3 months
Proper handling:● The dyes are not colorfast, so colors may fade if brought into contact with water. ● The internal mechanisms are very delicate. The top should be handled carefully at all times.
How to use:1. Place the base on a flat surface. 2. Wind the string around the indentation at the very bottom of the grip-knob. Then, hold the grip-knob and pull the string. Place the spinning top at the center of the base. 3. Place the hare and tortoise against the spinning top with its edge in the outer rim of the base. 4. The hare and tortoise both begin going around in circles. Watch as they overtake each other, the overtaking number and timing depends on the speed of the spinning top. Enjoy the race by adjusting the spinning power.

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